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About Techno Market

Techno Market is a tradingcompany and importer of a big variety in technical products where we aim if possible for a Eurpean product with the associated qualityaspects and enviromental demands. Our employees all have worked allready for many years in the international trading bussiness and have all many skills of the materials, the application and processing of the materials.

We supply Plastics, Elastomers, adhesives, hoses, fittings and appendages, not only as a standard product but also according customers demand. We supply Plastics and Elastomers in sheet and mats on roll, as flat sheets and in profile, we punch, waterjet and are able of plasmacutting in small but also big demands. You can contact us for 10 pieces but also for 1000 pieces.

Techno Market has a wide range of celrubber and foams from very divers origin, to much to put all on our website. Not found your product ? Please send us an E-mail with what you are looking for plus the quantity needed and we will do our ultimate effort to get what you need.

Techno Market is official importer and distributor of the Austrian company Zell-Metall for Zellamid plastics as PA6, POM, PA12, PET, PBT, PEEK, PEI, PPS and PPSU beside this we supply PE, PP, Polyurethane, PVC, PTFE Teflon en Polycarbonate